Cancer Schmancer, I Say!

I was just diagnosed with



This past Monday, June 27th, 2010 and I wasn’t so surprised, my mother had stage 3-B Uterine Cancer almost 20 years ago.

My longtime friend Nancy had Ovarian Cancer and gave me a wealth of information.


Besides my mother:

My young 42 year old Aunt Mary died from Ovarian Cancer back in 1979 when there was very little screening for this or awareness.

My Aunt Gracie died in 1984 from Breast Cancer…

I knew that with my family history I would have to get screened a lot for breast and gynecological cancers.

Both my mom and Nancy taught me that it is very important to go to a doctor that listens to you and not one of those “know-it-all” doctors and to not be afraid to ask for questions or get a second opinion.

Then I read Fran Drescher’s book “Cancer Schmancer”…

Her experiences good and bad  gave me the knowledge and insight I needed to make some sound decisions. 

I  could not believe that this beautiful and vibrant actress ever had cancer and what she had to go through to get a real diagnoses of her Uterine Cancer as well as her long recovery from it emotionally and physically.

Jam-Packed with information on what symptoms to expect, the tests to take, what to expect after a hysterectomy and common sense, Fran Drescher tells her story in such a warm and personal way, you feel like you’re going through the whole ordeal with her and just can’t put the book down.

I love the fact that Fran did a lot of research on Uterine Cancer, the tests, treatments and wasn’t afraid to speak up to the doctors for what she needed and asked a lot of questions.

I also love the fact that Fran took the fear out of getting a hysterectomy and reassuring us ladies that we can still keep our “spark” if you know what I mean 🙂

Fran has a website that educates and supports women about gynecological cancers:

Over 20 years ago, Gilda Radner shared her experiences with Ovarian Cancer with her book “It’s Always Something”

With my family history – My Aunt Mary who passed away at only age 42 from Ovarian Cancer got me thinking about prevention and Gilda Radner talked about getting an Ovarian Cancer blood test named a CA-125 along with a Transvaginal Sonogram, I was in my early twenties then and felt a lot of relief each time when my tests came out negative.


Then came 2004…  I was feeling a bit tired and experienced a lot of  monthly pain, pressure and bleeding especially pain in my right side.

I went to the same doctor that saved my mother’s life when she had her uterine cancer nearly 15 years before, and knew exactly what tests to take, the CA-125 as well as the Transvaginal Sonogram which ultimately showed the huge lemon-sized tumor on my right ovary, when biopsied showed first stage cancer.

Then came 2010…

Falling asleep many times during the day, having constant constipation, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome,bloating and monthly pain and heavy bleeding and pain in my right leg I once again knew my body was crying out for help… 

Now it is 6 years later and the Transvaginal Sonogram has once again saved my life- thank you, Gilda!

My tumors were visible and on June 1st 2010 I got my laproscopic surgery as a result and the biopsy of these tumors showed I have

Endometrial Hyperplasia With Atypia, early stage cancer, had I not had these procedures done, I wouldn’t have lasted 9 months let alone a year.

Even though Gilda is not with us anymore, I still learn from her through her Gilda’s Club website that her widower, Actor Gene Wilder has faithfully kept going in her name:


According to Karen K. Truman, in her book

“Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”

I believe this without a shadow of a doubt as I had held deep resentments for a long time towards some family members and the chakra that represents family is the the Root or Base Chakra and that’s exactly where the Uterus as well as Ovaries are.


Positive Affirmations:  Say this everyday:


” I Forgive, Accept, Love, Understand, I am Charitiable”


” I Am Uninhibited, Bring My Feelings To The Surface, Willing To Face Them”


Louise L. Hay, Author, Healer And Pioneer Of Mind, Body And Spirit Healing has a wonderful book out named “You Can Heal Your Life” as well as a fantastic 2 hour DVD that beautifully illustrates how our thoughts and feelings affect us physically, emotionally and financially…

Louise L. Hay was the first person to realize that positive affirmations targeted at specific illnesses actually heals and reverses the affects of disease.

In memoriam, my friend Marie’s sister Joyce just died this past Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 from Breast Cancer complications.

I dedicate this blog to her, my friend Nancy, my mother Phyllis, my Aunt Gracie as well as my Aunt Mary, whose birthday just happens to fall on today,

 July 3rd, 2010.

Both casualties and survivors of cancer…

I took the above photo of this beautiful rainbow last week on Monday, June 21st, 2010.

My neice, Barbara pointed to the sky and showed me this and said

 “Aunt Sue, there’s a cloud shaped like a butterfly!”

I said “God sure gives us messages through nature!”

There was rain and right afterwards, the sky seemed to clear and a beautiful double rainbow with a butterfly/angel wing – looking cloud and I immediately thought to myself :

“there must be a message here for someone and I believe that message is there is always beauty and transformation that comes out of  the dark…”

One week later I was diagnosed with my Uterine Cancer, and you know what? 

Something really great is going to come out of this and I will be able to help spread awareness.

Between my mother Phyllis,  friend Nancy, Gilda Radner and Fran Drescher, I could not have four better resources to deal with my own victory over Uterine Cancer and I will be forever thankful to them all.

I am also lucky to have reconnected with all of my friends on facebook and gained a lot of insight and alternative treatments from them, especially Fred, Stephen and Lisa 🙂

Thank you, too 🙂

To my dear friend Miriam, thank you for your support and reminding me to do my affirmations:

“Thank you for healing me, thank you for healing me”… 🙂

Thank you to Nicole for your friendship, strength and insight… 🙂

Thank you Paula, Marilyn, Aveana, Gail and Joe, your love, friendship, support and journey with me on my path to Reiki and healing myself body, mind and soul will be forever appreciated… 🙂

Thank you Marie for being my friend and confidante for over 20+ years, you’re my sister 🙂

Thank you, Gina for your friendship and offering to see me at the hospital when I go in for my hysterectomy, you are an angel sent by God…

Thank you Barbara for giving me the best hug when I found out about my cancer, I felt better afterwards… 🙂

 I am also thankful for my father James, who taught me over 20 years ago to research every diagnosis and doctor and for his love and support.

Thanks Diddy!  Love, Feeney 🙂

I dedicate Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” as you all have given me the strength to deal with this, especially you Mom 🙂


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